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Body Care

The use of varying pressure and strokes define these Seven Eden exotic massages, each performed with specially blended botanical essential oils for healing, therapeutic, and relaxing effects.

Massage is a healing art which can alleviate mental, physical and emotional ailments and nourishes your skin. Body massage helps release our body from stress and tension by increasing blood circulation and oxygen flow in the body, thus promotes energy flow and well-being.

Body Care Menu

Body Massage

Choose from different body massage to relieve muscle tension and to relax, balance, or revive. Drift away and leave your cares behind to the good hands of the therapists.

Hot Stone Massage A Swedish massage usng smooth, temperature-controlled river stones. The stones are placed on key tension areas, and combined with massaage allow the muscles to relax. The ideal remedy for chronic muscle tension.
90 mins 2150 Baht

Detoxifying Hot Clay Massage Treat your skin to an exfoliating dry brush massage that stimulates blood circulation. This luxurious massage uses Ginsengs,Dong Quai and Lotus blossom blend to provide healing and remove toxins from the body. The massage is followed with a body wrap for further penetration of the herbal oil.
90 mins 2150 Baht

Seven Eden Signature Massage This unique holistic massage combines Asian, Chinese pressure point and European massage which soothes, eases muscular tension and improves circulation. Choose from a selection of beautifully blended oils of different scents to suit the time and occasion.
90 mins 1950 Baht

Indonesian Lymphatic Massage Asian blend oils are applied with long, slow strokes of medium to deep pressure. Pressure points are applied to tension area, relaxing the muscles and providing the body with a warm sensation.
60 mins 1450 Baht
90 mins 1750 Baht

Thai Deep Tissue Massage A massage done without oils. Focuses on stretching the muscles and improving blood circulation.
60 mins 850 Baht
90 mins 1150 Baht

Aromatherapy Renew / Balance Massage A massage using finger pressure, lymphatic and Swedish massage, skillfully done to address the stressed and tired body.
60 mins 1650 Baht
90 mins 1950 Baht

Body Scrubs

Dry and dehydrated skin is often the first sign of unnoticed stress. Whether it is everyday stress or a hectic lifestyle that is wearing your skin down, a luxurious body scrub maybe just what your skin needs to restore balance and energy. Choose from any one of our revitalising scrub concoctions that finishes with a light refreshing body lotion.

Rosemay Scrub Stimulating fragrance; naturally improves blood circulation and restores glow to skin.

Ginger Scrub Energises and detoxifies. Excellent jet lag perk-up.

Papaya Scrub Exfoliates and deep cleanses. Gentle on the skin.

Tamarind Scrub Comforts and hydrates the skin.

Coffee Scrub Enliven your skin with this exfoliating blend of coffee, cocoa and cinnamon. Coffee has a diuretic and stimulating effect on the body. Cocoa is high in omega fatty acids that nourish and moisturize. Cinnamon gently warms skin to boost blood circulation.
60 mins 1450 Baht

Body Wraps

The vital elements and warmth of clay, organic peat or botanical body wrap restore balance and relieve aches and pains. Your body starts to feel more supple and your muscles more relaxed as you are cocooned in one of our signature wraps.

Sunshine Wrap The warm fragrance of ginger or rosemary mud wrap revitalises the energy, refreshes and whitens the skin, bringing a ray of light to your body and life.
60 mins 1450 Baht

Anti-Cellulite Wrap Designed for slimming, focusing on the area from your waist to your knees, the ingredients like quarana, horsetail and centella to break down fatty deposits, improve blood circulation, protect and strengthen body tissue. We recommend the treatment twice a week for effective results,excellent remedy for jet setters for prone to water retention and heavy legs after air traval.
90 mins 2150 Baht

Austrian Moor Wrap Experience the detoxifying, deep cleansing organic peat wrap from the Austrian Moor. This organic peat, packed with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory ingredients, is recommended for those suffering from rheumatism and general aches and pains.
60 mins 1550 Baht

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